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Attractive swimsuit, bikinis, tankinis in large sizes, and large cups D, E, F, G, H

What, if your approaching holiday turns out to be a lot more exciting than ever before?

You can do a lot for it, starting from 54,90€

If you like being on holiday and want to look pleasing to the eye, choose the very new swimwear collection.

Swimwear that makes you look even more interesting and attractive.

What do you think?
There are days, when everything works.
You can feel it, from the first day on holiday:

"I allowed myself a beautiful swimsuit. Its fashionable and sporty at the same time. That's what the others say. I notice, that others like me. It's like magic. I am a magician, it's unbelievable."

My body problems are gone.
The swimsuit makes me look beautiful and gives me a great body shape.

Have a great holiday,
Marianne Schell
Marianne Schell

The new beach trends: swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis.

Riviera style at Mehlhorn, manufacturer for swimsuits, bikinis,
tankinis, beach fashion. Every company names the following trends

Unbelievable beautiful beaches, international atmosphere like in St.
Tropez, Ibiza, Sardinia or Seychelles - with fashionable summers and
an exciting holiday. That's the perfect place for beach fashion in
this glam-style. Classy women who use the airport at home as a runway,
wearing high heels and golden accessory to start their holiday. And
one at your destination, wearing your new swimsuit at the pool.

This look promises luxury.
A mix of retro and modernity.
You can see that in our swimsuits: they are dark blue with white or
gold, great pictures and mini golden necklaces. New to this style is
the bandeau cut and halter swimsuits.

The fabrics (beach fashion, bikini, swimsuit) are eye-catching. Large
flower-prints, purple colours, all combined with gold. You can see
great patterns (like parsley) and bollywood pictures from India, red
lace and flower embroideries.

Discover or Ethno Look:
Lodge style for your beach fashion by Mehlhorn

This is about discoveries in every way. The best are travelling to
countries far, far away. It smells like herbs from the local markets.
Colourful fabrics with patterns, golden accessory, strange looking
shells, fishing boats, impressing scenery which is waiting for your

It describes a trend which is always returning, impossible to stop it.
The designers are tempted to use colourful, eye-catching fabrics for
your swimsuit or bikini. Travelling through all continents, from the
Aborigines, to palms and white beaches.

The perfect style for an open minded, multicultural woman.
Large prints and colours ranging from earth brown to petrol - that's Ethno.

Nature Couture:
Nature style by Mehlhorn, manufacturer for beach wear, bikinis and tankinis

This trend is dreaming of the perfect world. Everything is resting,
everything is balanced.
Nature is alive and shows its power, its great colours and flowers.
The naiad is one with nature.
The swimsuits and bikini attract attention with flowers, leaves,
blooms in a realistic XXL-format. Or drawn impressionistical.
Everything is possible: japanese cherry blossoms or bamboo from Bali.
Swimsuits with double neckline and large ring are new at Lidea's.
Tankinis now have the great layer-look.

This trend is for women with a good amount of self-esteem, who seem to
be distanced, mysterious and posh.
It's a mix of Art Deco and 'less is more'.
Mehlhorn is using this trend to produce uni-coloured swimsuits and
bikinis with golden accessory, metallic looks, white bast fribre
rings, bottons and embroidery.
Plus triangle bikinis with cups.
Fitting to Art Deco we offer bandeau bikini and swimsuits with an
extremely low neckline.



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